Team Development

Do you want to be part of a high performing team?
Do you want your staff to work effectively together?
Do you just want to have some fun?

Successful organisations are usually measured by the profits they make, the results they achieve or the shareholder value they create however no company can create this level of success without understanding that it’s the people in the company, and how they work together, that actually creates success.

High performing teams

CNV00012Being part of a truly high performing and effective team is an experience that not everyone experiences during their working lives. However, when you’re in one – you’ll know about it! Examples of great teamwork are all about us, for example, Formula 1, operating theatres, the armed forces, airline pilots, the performing arts. These examples spring to mind because they clearly represent a group of people coming together to achieve one shared aim.

The same applies in every organisation where we work alongside others to do what’s needed. How effectively the team works together ultimately affects the revenue generated, service provided or costs incurred. Team development has moved on since organisations sent groups of employees in to the wilderness, up mountains and rafting through rapids! There’s still a place for this but it’s not an area we get too involved in.

“What do you want people to be doing differently”

As with everything we do, we work with you to identify what are the outcomes you want at the end of the event. The question “what do you want people to be doing differently?” features quite frequently in our initial analysis!

There’s no typical team development day since every one is different – however, they are all designed to be enjoyable, engaging and relevant. The style can vary from more traditional indoor based learning and activities through to themed events and outdoor activities.

Personality preferences

When developing teams, some level of insight into personality styles and preferences can be helpful. We have access to a range of tools that can support this including Myers Briggs Personality Types ® and Belbin Team Roles ®.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is an increasing concern for many of our clients and recent team events have included opportunities to undertake community projects – including renovating a children’s playground in Inner London and giving a garden a makeover at a respite centre for children. These have all been amazing experiences for everyone concerned – giving back to the community and at the same time learning more about how the team works than can ever be achieved in a ‘classroom’ setting.

By the way … if you think this all sounds a bit heavy, then team development can be great fun. If what you are after is an opportunity for everyone to get away from the office, enjoy themselves and celebrate their successes then we can help with that too. In fact, if you still want to swing off ropes and ride the rapids we’ll sort it out for you!

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