Do you need to increase profitable revenue or improve the productivity of your sales teams?

There are only four ways to generate profitable revenue:

  1. Increase the amount of business you receive from your existing customers
  2. Increase the amount each of your existing customers spends with you
  3. Find new customers
  4. Decrease the costs associated with each sale.
  5. If your sales teams are spending time on activities that do not relate to one of the above outcomes, it’s time to give us a call.

We can work with you to fully understand your business, your needs and desired outcomes before designing a programme which fully meets these and is unique to your own business.

Recent projects of this type have started with us conducting needs analysis workshops across the organisation to identify not just training needs, but also all of those elements that support an effective process. This includes sales tools, business processes and the desired sales behaviours. Outputs can include a full set of sales standards that can be implemented to achieve a consistency of sales approach.

salesFocusing on the skills and capabilities of the sales management teams results in significant benefits and we recommend and support the implementation of field sales coaching to ensure that the return on the training investment is maximised.

To further support the implementation of the training standards and sales coaching we can implement a web-based software solution that enables managers to record the outputs of coaching calls and use this data to identify further development needs at both a team and individual level. By collecting and sharing performance data in this way the individual benefits by being able to access a clear record of performance and development areas, managers can target their support to where it is needed most, the organisation can prioritise training needs and therefore save costs by providing tailored training and development activities. The information can be provided across the organisation allowing senior managers to review performance by sales region, team and individual. The resulting data is an excellent way to capture performance data that can be used to build a portfolio of evidence for use within your existing performance management system.

The system is provided by a partner company with whom we work closely to provide a seamless deployment in line with your bespoke training development programme.