Personal Effectiveness

Do you want to…
be a better manager?
communicate more effectively?
influence others?
present with confidence?
be an inspiring coach?

Be the best you can be

Striving to ‘be the best you can be’ takes a degree of self-awareness that not all of us have. Sometimes we know we need some extra help but at other times we carry on doing what we’ve always done in the vain hope that practise will make perfect. It doesn’t. Repeating the same behaviour over and over again just embeds it even further and makes it harder to change.

We can help by providing training across a wide range of subjects, all of which will help you be more effective at work.

Managers need training too

Our experiences continue to show that, in many companies, people are promoted into management roles based on their high level of competence in a specialism such as sales, marketing, service or finance. All too often the critical part of their new job, managing teams of people, is taken on without the necessary skills or experience. Whilst some companies provide extensive management development programmes for newly appointed managers, others tend to rely on an individual’s in-built instincts when it comes to getting the best out of their people.

The multi-faceted role of today’s manager requires the ability to effectively motivate and coach teams to deliver exceptional business results. We are able to support management development by providing training and development in the foundation skills that managers require including performance management, coaching, managing teams and organisational skills such as time management, prioritisation, facilitation and managing meetings.

Personal impact

Your personal impact says everything about you – your ability to influence, persuade, inform and engage rests on how you interact with others. We can provide training in all of these areas and help you be more confident in your personal presentation.

If you do want to be the best you can be then give us a call or arrange to meet with us to talk about how we can help you to increase your personal effectiveness.