Customer Service

Do you need to generate more repeat business?
Do you want your customers to be your best advertising?
Do you want to differentiate yourselves from others in your market?

DSC00899smallVolumes of research and statistics have been commissioned over the years to identify the value of delivering the best possible standards of service to your customers. Whether this research says that “it’s 5 times more costly to attract new customers than it is to serve an existing one” or whether “65% of customers leave because of perceived indifference from the merchant” the message is clear: be the very best you can be at looking after your customers or they will go elsewhere.

If you are determined to be more profitable, generate new business and reduce the costs associated with service recovery then making sure your staff are delivering the best standards of service is critical.

So how can we help?

Understanding the needs of your customers is the first step – we can pull this information together on your behalf by conducting customer satisfaction surveys, interviews and focus groups. This will make sure that you are focussing on delivering service in a way that customers want and not what you think they want.

Having defined what your customers need from your organisation and your staff it is important to define a clear set of customer service standards. These form the foundation for the way in which your staff engage with customers at each opportunity. They need to focus on providing clear, practical guidance to your customer facing staff on what to do and how to do it. We will work with you to develop a clear set of standards against which you can base future measurements of customer satisfaction and use as a competency framework.

Supporting staff through ongoing training and coaching will deliver a sustained return. An initial training programme can provide tools, tips and techniques for delivering outstanding service – but it won’t be enough. Long lasting results can only be achieved through ongoing coaching and monitoring against the performance standards. Your first line management teams play the critical role.

A long-lasting solution

We can:

  • Design bespoke training programmes based around your standards
  • Deliver coaching and performance management training to you managers
  • Act as an independent coach by working with you and you teams on-site
  • Provide ongoing training materials for your own trainers to deliver
  • Create a pool of competent trainers to deliver ongoing workshops
  • Customer service is not only about what happens at the point of contact between your customers and your staff. It’s about having the right supporting processes, effective internal communication, engaged and committed staff and skilled managers. All areas that we can support you in developing.

Arrange to meet with us for a free meeting, after which we will put together our recommendations about how we can help you improve your business.