The fact that we have the word consulting in our company name always sounds a bit grand – but we’re not a management consultancy that borrows your watch to tell you the time! The consultancy we offer is genuine, pragmatic help and support to help you improve the performance of your people and your business.

Training Needs Analysis

consultingMany of our engagements start with some simple research to clarify the immediate needs. This could be described as a ‘Training Needs Analysis’ but is often much wider than just identifying skills gaps. The outputs from meetings, interviews, surveys etc. and rooms covered in ‘Post-It’ notes will help you to identify ways in which your business can develop more effective processes and tools as well as developing the requirements around the skills, knowledge and behaviour of your employees.

We work at all levels of organisations from the ground floor right up to Executive level, and always adjust our approach accordingly.


A regular request is for us to facilitate meetings in order to help drive outcomes and ensure the time is used effectively. We employ a full range of facilitation skills and help to manage the process of the meeting, but we’re not afraid to input and put up some challenge where necessary, often asking the questions that have been long since forgotten or seem so obvious that no-one bothers to ask them any more. Usually these questions provide the most revealing answers.

People Development

Consulting in our own field of people development is something that we can also help in. We have worked with organisations to develop competencies, performance management processes, job and role profiles and training plans. Supporting the development of in-house trainers is something we’re always delighted to do – passing on our own knowledge and experience in the field.

If you would like us to help you develop your business, then we’d be happy to discuss options with you. The first piece of consultancy – an initial meeting to talk about how we might be able to help you – comes at no cost to you and without any obligation. It’s worth a call. Arrange to meet with us now!