The training we offer is based on our own experiences. We know what we liked and what worked well for us throughout our careers, and our style and approach is firmly based on these principles.

We pride ourselves on offering sensible, grown-up, business focused training which, with the right support in the workplace, can dramatically improve performance, competence and confidence.

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We are experts in sales, customer service, team and personal effectiveness although our network of Associates are skilled in all areas of people development. One thing’s for certain though – if we can’t help you, we’ll tell you and find someone who can.

Our Training Approach

  • At all times we will be client focused, providing the best service in response to individual requirements without compromising quality.
  • We will take time and ensure we have complete clarity of our clients’ needs and desired outcomes, so that we can support ways to measure success.
  • We will create and develop learning events that are relevant, pragmatic, imaginative, mature and that appeal to all learning styles.
  • Our training delivery will be conducted to the highest quality, and focus on the needs of those attending.
  • We fully support the transfer of learning into the workplace by developing a coaching culture and helping businesses, managers and team leaders to carry out this responsibility.
  • Our aim is increasing competence to a level that fully supports both business and personal goals.

Training Approach Spiral Model


We work with you to decide on the best way to evaluate the impact that your training and investment has made. As a minimum we collect delegates’ reactions to the programme either at the end of the course or preferably by providing an on-line survey to be completed a few days afterwards. Full reports are then made available to you, the client, and during ongoing programmes we then make continuous improvements based on these comments.