Collaborate And Compete!

This week found us at The Icetank, an ultra-modern blank canvas of a space in the heart of London’s theatre land. We were using this as a venue for a team building event that we produced for one of our clients.

Our brief was to get them working together as a team, adding in a bit of friendly competition but most of all they also wanted to kick-back and celebrate what has been a busy year for them.

On arrival at the all-white Icetank, they were split in to teams and were briefed on their task for the day. All the teams had to work together to make lunch, with each team being responsible for either the starter, the main course or the dessert. Firstly they had to agree a common theme, negotiate over the allocated budget, work together to decide how best to use the limited cooking resources before they headed out to the shops for their ingredients.

IMG_0002That was the collaborative part! In addition, they also had to compete with each other by gaining points by completing some simple tasks. Each team had to ‘tweet’ us with photos of them with a variety of different people and locations. This included getting a photo at a famous London landmark, in a deli counter, with someone in uniform and with someone famous. We thought the latter might, at best, produce a photo with statue. However, a stroke of luck saw a taxi draw up outside the Icetank, just as the teams were heading to the shops, and out stepped two members of the band McFly. Within seconds they were surrounded by people asking for photos with them – not sure if getting points was more important or just tweeting a photo of them with the boys. If you want to see some of their photos, have a look on twitter using the hashtag #gbice.

McFlyThey decided on an American 1950’s diner theme and served up a typical menus of potato skins, wings, burgers and sundaes (complete with sparklers!). The Icetank was converted by imaginative use of slide shows, music and table decorations.

At the end of the meal, the teams awarded points to each other based on the quality and creativity of their course. The winners were given a cheque to allocate to a charity of their choice.

We were really impressed with not only this group’s enthusiasm for the tasks but also their culinary skills!