Recommended Resources

Here you will find links to a variety of resources that we recommend. These range from books through to software. These are based on our personal opinions only and we can’t make any guarantees as to whether they’ll be right for you. Some of these links use Flash which means that they may not display properly on all mobile devices.


iMindMap Basic

We’re all fans of mind-mapping here, using it daily for project planning, generating ideas, note-taking and for creating training and presentation notes. We have tried a number of different software solutions, but have now settled on what we consider to be the best, iMindMap6. This comes from the creator of mind-mapping, Tony Buzan, and follows his thinking and concepts to provide a solution that works across many platforms. We run it on PCs, Macs, iPhones and iPads. You can download a totally FREE copy of the software by clicking on the banner link above.

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