Our review of 2012

In football speak this could most definitely be referred to as a ‘game of two halves’! The first half of the year saw us fully engaged in the last 6 months of our contract with Etihad Airways. Our 4 year journey was finally reaching its destination. A full suite of Salesforce Development programmes were now embedded into their sales organisation. These programmes have helped develop their ‘business to business’ sales teams into a professional unit that differentiates itself in each global market by adopting professional sales disciplines, focussing on providing their customers with solutions and adopting a culture of continuing professional development to ensure that they are truly standing out from their legacy competitors.

The programmes themselves have been developed over time into a cohesive set of learning interventions of which they should be truly proud. They range from induction and basic sales disciplines, through negotiation and sales presentation skills and on to the skills of advanced key account management. Running alongside is a suite of computer based training modules to support the ongoing implementation and use of salesforce.com. Everything is underpinned by a sales coaching programme to ensure that learning and development is embedded into the muscle of the sales organisation.

We are very proud to have worked with Etihad Airways on developing and delivering these programmes and, following an intensive ‘train the trainer’ ey-logoprogramme, we have now left them in the hands of their newly formed sales training team. We wish them well and hope that they continue to evolve the programmes in line with the requirements of the business and current market practices.

We made many good friends during our time in Abu Dhabi and know that we played a collaborative role in the development of their organisational sales culture. We will miss everyone greatly and will continue to follow their progress and success as their airline goes from strength to strength.

After a summer break that was both well needed and deserved, the team dived in to a number of projects during the second half of the year. The most significant was the handover of a major Customer Service Initiative for Diversey / Sealed Air. We had written this programme about 18 months ago and it was trained internally within the UK. After the merger of the two companies they evaluated the programme and decided to roll it out to every location across the globe. To do this, we enhanced the materials so that we could license them for their internal use and spent 5 days with a fantastic group of people helping them to develop their training skills  to support the roll-out during 2013.

We have had some great fun this year as well. Here in London, the Jubilee and the Olympic Games set us off for a fantastic summer and we were pleased to support our clients with a number of great team building activities that were equally as memorable!

292[1]The first saw us at a sports club in Teddington to run a rather unique sports day for our client and their 140 employees. With activities including inflatable relays, giant buzzer wires, cycling challenges, Scalextric and game show challenges it was a high energy and hugely entertaining competition that was incredibly well received.

The Box

On a slightly smaller scale the end of the year saw us running our very own game show – The Box – for a client with a department of over 70 people.  A series of challenges against the clock were set, with teams competing aboard the magnificent venue of HMS President moored on The Thames in the heart of London.

Another client took part in a cooking challenge where they were tasked with working together in smaller teams to create their own themed lunch. The blank canvas of The Icetank in Central London was the venue which they were able to decorate as they wished. An imaginative group turned the all-white Icetank into a 1950s themed American Diner.department of over 70 people.  A series of challenges against the clock were set, with teams competing aboard the magnificent venue of HMS President moored on The Thames in the heart of London.

Whilst some of these events may seem frivolous, they are all produced within clear guidelines to meet specific objectives.

For some, it’s a chance to work together outside of the workplace, for others it’s an opportunity to explore collaboration and in some cases it’s to specifically improve the way in which communication takes place back in the workplace. Learning can still be fun!

DiSC Certified TrainerAs a team, we are very pleased to have added a new dimension to what we can offer. Three of us are now accredited to use the psychometric tool, DiSC. DiSC is a highly respected and effective behavioural assessment that can be used to better understand why we behave in the way we do. If we can understand ourselves then it makes it a lot easier to understand other people. Better understanding of others undoubtedly improves both personal and organisational effectiveness. We will be providing more information about DiSC on our website over the coming weeks.

So, it’s been a busy year! Very different in many ways but ultimately we have been continuing to do what we do best – helping people to do the best job they possibly can, for the benefit of both themselves and their organisations.

2013 will be different again. It’s a tough market and the economy is being slow to recover. However, it is clear that having a highly skilled workforce supported by leadership teams who understand the benefits of continuing professional development sets businesses and organisations up to maximise their customer satisfaction and ultimately their bottom line profits. We can help do this in many ways and are looking forward to meeting some new clients and taking on some new challenges.

Thank you to all of our clients for the support they have given us this year. The fact that so many of you call on our help year after year makes us proud of what we strive so hard to achieve – your satisfaction. We look forward to working with you, and our new clients, during the coming months.

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