Nothing personal: The questionable Myers-Briggs test


This is an interesting article in The Guardian about Myers Briggs Personality Types. It challenges its popularity as a psychometric tool since it only provides for either/or choices. It’s one of the reasons that we prefer the flexibility of DiSC which defines personality types at multiple levels.

Open courses in sales and negotiation

After many years providing our clients with in-company training courses, we are now launching a portfolio of courses that are available to individuals, small businesses and organisations. We will be providing a full programme of courses in sales, customer service, managing teams and personal effectiveness topics.

Today we have launched our first three open courses in Sales: a one day Introduction to Sales, a three day Essential Selling course for all of those who are serious about making their career in Sales and a one day Introduction to Negotiation Skills. Dates have been released for these in March and April. They will be held close to our base in Buckinghamshire, UK.

For more details about these courses, and a quick way to book, please take a look here.

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