Do trainers need to have done the job in order to train it?

In the training world there is a never ending debate as to whether great trainers need to have actually done the job in order to help others to be the best they can. I’m often the first to challenge this since a fair amount of training in business skills is about developing competence and confidence by providing a fully transferable skills which can be used in a range of roles. However, is this true when it comes to sales? Salespeople seem to react far better to those trainers who have actually done their job and can truly empathise. What are your thoughts?

Nothing personal: The questionable Myers-Briggs test


This is an interesting article in The Guardian about Myers Briggs Personality Types. It challenges its popularity as a psychometric tool since it only provides for either/or choices. It’s one of the reasons that we prefer the flexibility of DiSC which defines personality types at multiple levels.

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