Another Recommendation

Once again, I’m very flattered by these recommendations received from two of our course delegates.

If you’d like to read what others have been saying about us lately, then there are more recommendations from our clients on our Linked In profile.

“I had the privilege to attend 4 sales training courses conducted by Gary and his team during my 6 years in Etihad.
His extended knowledge of our business, unique training method and precious counsel have definitely permitted me to become a better Manager and to improve my coaching style and negotiating skills.

My team were also very fortunate to have attended his training sessions and are vocal in their appreciation of Gary and the quality of his coaching.
Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Gary and his team to any company wishing to invest in their people.

Thank you Gary !”

Rachel Ward, Sales Manager France, Etihad Airways

“Gary and his Company has played a pivotal role in the training and development of the the Etihad salesforce and going beyond the role of a training outfit to acting as a consultant to Etihad in term of development of the sales team and “The Etihad Way” sales process.

I have personally been involved as a participant in many of GB Consulting training programs over the 4+ years in Etihad and have benefited immensely from the insights, best practices and practical sales tools that can be applied in the field.

Gary is highly professional, personable and makes his programs stimulating and though-provoking enough such that his participants are made to question, think out-of-the-box and not accept the status quo.”

David Lim, Regional Sales Manager, Corporate, Asia Pacific South & Australasia, Etihad Airways

We Are Delighted To Have Received These Recommendations

We are delighted to have received these recommendations on LinkedIn recently. Thank you to those that have supplied them.

“I cannot recommend Gary enough, his expertise in training and how it is delivered has had a huge impact on my career at Etihad Airways. I believe the fantastic training he provided on numerous occasions has hugely contributed to my promotion within the organisation. The ultimate professional and really understands people, cultures and the personality mix. Expertly delivered with incredible results.” Graham Cook, Etihad Airways

“Gary and his team were employed by Etihad to develop and deliver sales training to the organisation at all levels. I have had the priviledge since joining Etihad to attend 3 courses conducted by himself and the team. Having attended similar courses with other airlines, the courses were refreshingly informative and provided all attendees, whatever grade with key learnings on everything from sales calls and processes, to leadership. Gary and the team do not feel like consultants and quite often demonstrate great knowledge of our business to the point that they are considered by most as employees! As a manager the feedback I have received on my team’s performances when attending training, has been constructive and objective and key to helping me coach them into delivering the Etihad Way of Selling. I have no hesitation in recommending GB training, not just to other airlines but all industries who want to invest in their people to deliver excellent sales attitudes and leadership. I wish Gary and the team every success in the future and hope that we have the opportunity to work with them again in the future.” Melanie Quinn, Sales Manager, Etihad Airways

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